I have one of those annoying friends who gives autistically obvious answers to questions I actually want a proper answer to.

If you worried about everything as a parent, you’d be worn out pretty fast! School, clothes, teenage tantrums, money, mobile phones, social media, health, hormones! Scary stuff, and much of it isn’t anything I recognise from my time as a young teenager.

If you’ve ever wondered why we humans have such a special talent for making ourselves feel bad about stuff we did years ago, this is the blog article for you. And if you haven’t ever wondered, it’s time you did. Either way, read on – this blog article is definitely for you!

As far as my experience goes, there’s nothing more amazing than when your children actually listen to your advice. It’s just not something you ever expect to happen. I’ve often wondered how nice it would be, but when it actually started happening about 18 months ago, it all came as such a big surprise!