Feeling Guilty About Not Being on Holiday in the Summer Holidays

It’s a funny thing, getting second-hand peer pressure from my youngest daughter. It’s perfectly normal for her to complain about not getting what she wants, and how her basic human rights are being infringed by me not caring! That’s old news.

Beautiful Irish Baby Names – But We Can’t Pronounce Them!

Apple. North. Rocket. Pilot. Inspektor. Sounds like I’m typing in code, doesn’t it? But no, these are the names that various poor babies got saddled with, courtesy of their celebrity parents.

Autistic School Battles!

That title is a bit misleading, isn’t it? I mean, it isn’t a school for autistic kids. But seriously, I do frequently wonder who’s more autistic – my daughter or the people running the school!

A Little Article About a Little Boy

If I had my time over again as a dad and stepdad, I’d do it so differently.

Trying to Stop Teenagers Making a Meal of it All!

Can I just start by asking – does anyone actually even know what a meal is, when you have three teenage children?

5 Things a Mum-To-Be Doesn’t Want to Hear!

The trials of being pregnant. If it’s not the backache and swollen feet, it’s the trouble getting comfy in bed. Or what about the nausea, the heartburn and the general weirdness of your body re-arranging itself without your permission?