If you’ve never been to Morocco, you have to go. Amazing experiences, ancient culture, lovely people and great food! And best of all, an all-inclusive family trip costs much less than, say, Tenerife where we all went last year.

You often hear people say that you’re either a cat person or a dog person, and that was definitely true of me. From the earliest age my family always had cats, sometimes several, and they were simply part of our lives. They were always there and we all adored them.

Let’s face it, it’s no joke when you’re contending with the stresses of running your life, caring for the family and balancing the domestic budget. And if you’re thinking of returning to work after a long absence, how will that affect home life, childcare and all your usual routines?

Evan, Aimee and Abbie had shared their home with various pets over the years, but had always longed for a puppy. One day, the children were ecstatic to find their mummy had surprised them with a cute, fluffy eared, sandy coloured, German shepherd cross puppy.

Is it barbeque weather yet? Well it didn’t stop us a couple of weeks ago on my birthday! We decided it was going to be a nice enough day for a family get-together, so ignoring the forecast for cloud and rain, we went ahead and did it anyway.